2 jbl prx 15'' speakers
  Professional Pioneer mixer Set Up                 Computer and Wiresless Mic.
                 Light up Facade 
                  ( No Club Lights Included )
   Sound & Club Lights
             2 jbl prx 15'' speakers
         6  Club lights With Smoke 
   Professional Pioneer Mixer Set Up                 Computer and Wireless mic.
                 Light up Facade
​                                  ( No MC Included )
         mc ( master of ceremony)
               2 JBL prx 15'' speakers
            4 Club lights with smoke
     Professional Pioneer mixer Set Up.      Apple computer and Shure wireless mic.
                    light up facade
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​                                  All Packages include 4 Hours , Extra Hours $50 Each.
        If you Need More Details you can Always Call or Text and we will be Happy to Assist you .

Anthony Stylez Entertainment

                 Just The DJ

Professional Pioneer Mixer Set Up
Apple Computer and Wireless Mic 
              ( No Speakers or Club lights included )
           Extra Equipment 

                       Club lights $50
                     Stage Lights $25
                        Uplights $25
                      Gobo Lights $75
           Gobo Lights With Names $250
                       Projector $250
              50'' TV's With Truss $250
                      Extra Sound $200